Level 24: BLOBNET
Richard Field
The level name is an anagram for TOGLE DOOR (even if it is spelled without two G's) that is toggle the door switches (turn them on and off). This information comes from Chuck Somerville. A toggle switch is one that has two positions, on and off, or up and down. Most standard light switches in your home are toggle switches. At the start move UURRRLLLDR. This pushes the blocks so that the gliders toggle the wall opening buttons. Step on the green toggle button once so the walls are open longer. In the other sections, to save time, you can step on the green buttons so that the doors are open in the pattern you need for a particular area of the level. Keep darting in and out. Hint: Flyers in the chambers can't get you in the middle. You can stand in the toggle doors when they close and it doesn't hurt you, and you can step out when the door is closed.
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