Level 34: CYPHER

This level is not much of a puzzle; there are three bugs to watch out for, but even they don't pose much danger, and otherwise it's a walk in the park. Its function is instead to give you three passwords. It does not tell you which levels these passwords are for, but that does not matter, in all the versions you can enter just the password to jump to a level. Reading the passwords in actual gameplay is a bit trickier; you'd have to write the letters down as you encounter them.

A similar level was added to the Windows version, level 145 "Thanks to…" It does not give out any passwords, instead it contains some credits, written out with the tiles.

Special Dispatch from Melinda
Dear Chip, In some ways this will be the most important level for you. So, cypher, Chip, cypher! Secretly, Melinda.
Richard Field
Cypher means code. There are three codes given as block patterns in this level. One is LLIO, the password for level 82. The other is HPPX, the password for level 137. The other is JHEN, which is the password to level 146 "Cake Walk". Once you finish level 144 and "finish" the challenge, there are five bonus levels. One way to get to them is through passwords or CTRL-K (ignore passwords in the Microsoft Windows version of the game). But the true way is to use the password JHEN which is provided to you in this level. If you go to the Level menu and select GO TO LEVEL, the window box will ask for a level number OR password. If you type in the above passwords, you will go directly to levels 82, 127, or 146. In the old Lynx hand-held computer game, these cyphers would have allowed the player to bypass the intermediate levels and go directly to the higher and more difficult levels.