Level 71: CORRIDOR
Richard Field
Push the first block in the water. Pick up the red key. Push the top left block over to the chip. There are four blocks in a rectangular pattern. Push the top block down one and pick up the two chips. Push the middle block down one and then push the two blocks into the holes in the side walls. Pick up the two chips. Move the top block of the two into the corner to get it out of the way. This is the only block you won't use. Now circle around and push the bottom block into the middle. You can now access the blocks. Circle around as necessary and push the blocks to the corridor where you started the level. Push the blocks into the water and build down the middle of the level to get keys and chips. This is the "corridor" that you need to finish this level. Repeat the process of getting blocks on the right side and keep building the corridor. Once you get the green key you can exit at the bottom of the corridor to get the blue key. Continue building the corridor. Use all the blocks. Finally, you will get to the red doors guarded by the flyers. Open one of the doors, dart in to get the blue key, then travel straight down the corridor. Open the blue and yellow keyed doors and exit.