DOS Utilities

All these utilities will work in pure DOS, though some of them, like Mark Haman's savegame editor, are actually meant to be run under Windows 95.

Daggerfall Book Editor

This utility by the legendary Dave Humphrey edits the Daggerfall in-game books. Extensive documentation both of the program and the book file format is included, as well as vital parts of the code.

Reputation Software 1.77

This little utility by Rick Huebner is not an editor, it just reads your current reputation with all the factions of Daggerfall out of a savegame. This was one of the first Daggerfall utilities, version 1.77 dates from October 1996.

Daggerfall Save Game Editor

The first savegame editor by Mark Haman, it runs in 80x43 text mode. This program is not compatible with DR-DOS' native mouse driver, it won't let you move the cursor beneath line 25. CuteMouse works fine.

Andypic v1.30

When Andrew Polis created his mod Andyfall, he improved David Humphrey's Dagpic to support more file formats. The result was Andypic. With Andypic, you can either just view any Daggerfall graphics (interesting, because there is a lot of stuff on the CD that never made it into the game), export them (e.g. for use on a website) or import them (to modify the game, which was what Andy wanted).


BackWoods is a fairly non-flashy utility for editing Daggerfall's WOODS.WLD file. Dumped BMP files are about as graphical as this program gets. You can edit the entire file with this program if you know what you're doing, but the built-in LargeMapData editor and the BMP dump/import stuff are the only functions I'd call idiot-proof. Any other editing is best done with a hex editor.

Last modified 2004-11-01