In the evening, when weary adventurers relax in a tavern or Fighters' Guild, they will exchanges stories of orcs slain and souls entrapped, or sometimes just where to get good gear and money. Valuable knowledge can be gained just by listening to them.

The Rusty Ogre Lodge
Free daedric weaponry, independent of your character level, in more than just this one location.
The Mages' Guild in Tulune
A Dagger of Life Stealing made out of the best material available to you current level, or so they say.

Bride.Ru Perore's General Pawnbrokers in Bubyrydata
Best gold for your stuff.
Lord K'avar
Highly paying quests early in the game.
Gothway Garden
Everything a fledgling adventurer needs.
Taking Snapshots
Keep an album of your travels.
Polish that Silver
Stop the aesthetic discrimination of humans!
The Egyptian Princess Dress
The texture files hold many a secret.
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