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Fallout Downloads

As yet, there are only few downloads, and most of them are all for Fallout 2. More is to come; stay tuned.

Fallout Demo

The original pre-release demo from April 1997, for Windows and Macintosh.

Fallout Patch 1.1

Patches for all three operating systems.

Fallout 2 Patches

Do not, I repeat do not, ever play Fallout 2 without the patch installed. I tried it out once, because I was interested in the differences. I gave it up when I lost the front end of my car, leaving me just with the trunk.

Fallout 2 Editor

Fallout fans had been dreaming about it for a long time, and in April 2003 (or so) the dream came true: Blackisle released the Fallout 2 map editor.


Tools for exploring the Fallout resources, or for creating mods. I have only added those tools that I myself actually use.

Fallout 2 Holy Handgrenade Fix ( 26KB)

In the "Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch" special random encounter you were supposed to be actually able to find said hand grenade (in another encounter). This patch fixes the bug that prevented this. As far as I know, it also slightly increases the chance you get this encounter at all.

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Last modified 2004-07-18