Nudity in Daggerfall

Are you concerned that your children (or husband) may be exposed to unseemly nudity and titillating temptations while playing in this popular computer role-playing environment? This page will help you identify situations in the game world where nudity may occur; its rationale, extent, and how to avoid it.

A word about Childguard: The Childguard option included with Daggerfall is mainly effective in hiding blood and corpses, though it will also make sure that the game character is wearing underwear at all times. It will not remove/hide all nudity in the game. Only with the Nudity Guide will you be fully forewarned!

First, to put the new reader somewhat to rest, let it be known that nowhere in Daggerfall are genitalia (reproductive organs) actually depicted, neither on humans nor other creatures. In fact, it may be argued that perhaps the "nude" characters are actually wearing a tight-fitting skin-colored uniform. Furthermore, the graphics of Daggerfall are not highly detailed, so even larger gender-spesific traits (such as the female milk glands and the slightly enlarged seat region) are not visible in great detail.
With this out of the way, onward to the supposed nudity:

The Player Picture: When clicking the inventory icon or pressing [F6], a picture of the player comes up. From the start of the game, the character is decently clothed. However, clicking on a piece of clothing in this picture will remove it, exposing the skin underneath!
Rationale: For role playing purposes, the character may want to remove clothing before swimming, or to dry her clothes, or temporarily while trying new clothes, just like in real life.
Extent: Full frontal nudity. Actual genitals not shown.
Avoidance: Childguard (this option is set from the install program).

Temple Priestesses: While visiting some temples, you may see temple priestesses (and in Dibella, priests) in various states of undress, up to and including total nudity. Rationale: Various degrees of nudity has been known in religions of our own world, particularly the fertility religions of the bronze age. While it is generally avoided in modern world religions, the temples of Daggerfall have different standards in this respect.
Extent: Varies.
Avoidance: Boycott temples with the degree of nudity exceeding your tolerance level. I've tried to sort them below:
Dibella: Full nudity female, near nudity both sexes!
Kynareth: Full nudity females.
Akatosh: Frontal nudity female (temple dancers).
Mara: Some skin (temple dancers).
Stendarr: Some skin (temple dancers).
Arkay: Some skin.
Zenithar (Z'en): No nudity.
Julianos: No nudity whatsoever.

Witches: Some witches covens in the wilderness constantly perform rites that include full nudity. These are very rare, and the case of stumbling upon them while wandering around is utterly negligible. The location can however be found (albeit still rarely) on parchments. They will be marked as black dots on the fast travel maps. The Glenmoril Wyrd, who have houses in cities, are decently clad.
Rationale: Ritual nudity is known among self-decrlared witches in our world too. The purposes are not necessarily sensual, but may entail a wish for unity with nature, temporarily discarding the trappings of society and its class structure.
Extent: Frontal nudity.
Avoidance: Avoid travelling to black dots on the map.

Tavern women: In some taverns can be found women either completely in the nude or very provocatively clad.
Rationale: The nude women are generally found when barging into a room already occupied. They may be guests getting ready to sleep. As for the women who look like prostitutes, hidden game texts show that a Prostitutes Guild exists in the game world, and that some contact with this guild was prepared for. This feature was never implemented, which may have spared the company some complaints. (And possibly also cost it some sales. We shall never know.)
Extent: Full nudity, or provocative clothing.
Avoidance: Don't explore inns/taverns.

Nymphs: Nymphs are not actually humans, but a woman-like species related to the wild elves. I will mention them here because of their striking similarity to nubile women. These creatures live in the wilderness and in some random dungeons. They will assault the character with a stamina-draining attack that finally makes the victim collapse and subsequently be killed by other nearby monsters.
Rationale: Nymphs are known from mythology at least as far back as ancient Greece. They were symbols of local natural forces (holy trees, springs).
Extent: Full frontal and posterior nudity. Mode of attack suggestive.
Avoidance: Hard to avoid completely if you perform quests in dungeons or sleep outdoors. However, nymphs are easily identified by their giggling laughter. When you hear this, immediately leave the location.

Harpies: Looking like naked women with wings, these monsters are common even at fairly low levels. They are aggressive and no social interaction is possible.
Rationale: Again, a myth from our own world. In Daggerfall, they are supposed to be descendants of particularly evil women who were cursed with an outer likeness to their inner nature.
Extent: Frontal and posterior nudity, though the wings make them look less human.
Avoidance: Don't take quests spesifically involving harpies. Don't enter dungeons called "nest" or "aviary". Elsewhere, turn back when you hear their distinct screeeching sound.

Lamia: Upper body of a woman, lower body of a snake, these mid-to-high level monsters live in water, and even then they are less than common. For this reason they are among the rarest monsters, and you may play through the entire game without ever seeing one.
Rationale: These monsters seems to be inspired by the legends of mermaids and the less well known naga. (There seems to be no lore on their origins in Daggerfall.)
Extent: Upper body full nudity. Breasts visible on corpse.
Avoidance: Don't hang around underwater when above ca level 10.

Daedra Seducers: Daedra are the equivalent of demons. Daedra seducers are the female variant, and they will be clothed in black party garb when you first meet them. But during combat they will discard the (illusion of) clothes and also sprout wings.
Rationale: These suckers are probably inspired by the Succubi of Catholic (?) legends, female demons who seduce the careless male. In Daggerfall, however, there is no actual ... interaction. The player gets the chance to fight against the seducers, not to be seduced by them.
Extent: Full nudity when in battle.
Avoidance: Like nymphs, they giggle, though more hysterically. If you hear this sound in dungeons, a Seducer is nearby. If you can avoid battle, they will stay clothed.

Centaurs: Centaurs have the torso, head and arms of a man but otherwise the body of a horse.
Rationale: Like the original centaurs of Greek mythology, these creatures are half civilized but none too peaceful.
Extent: Full male nudity above waist. The rest is horse.
Avoidance: These creatures are most common at low levels. They will show up in the wilderness while you sleep and in some dungeons. They have a somewhat horse-like sound. They are likely to stay in the same dungeon as long as you stay at the same level, but you can outgrow them by leveling.

Due to the positive response from my readers, I have undertaken to create a picture supplement, so inquiring minds can see actual 16bits color screen shots from the game depicting the limits of Daggerfall nudity.
Warning: These pictures may resemble real nude human bodies (especially when seen from a distance and with foggy glasses). For this reason, I must advise you to only proceed further if you
a) are at least 21 years old, happily married and mentally stable, or
b) live in a free country where people can do what they will in their own homes without fear, as long as they hurt nobody.
Illustrated guide to Daggerfall Nudity. (This will probably load slowly due to the pictures.)

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