Language Grrl

Linguist Gretchen von Schliesselmeyer

My most popular class has finally got her own vanity page...

Linguist class for Daggerfall

Primary skills: Etiquette, Streetwise, Mercantile
Major skills: Daedric, Orcish, Centaurian
Minor skills: Spriggan, Harpy, Nymph, Impish, Giantish, Dragonish
Modifiers: Str -10, Int +10
Advantages: Acute hearing, resistance to disease
Disadvantages: Forbidden all armor, no magic regeneration, no tower shield
HP per level up: 12
You'd bet this class was unplayable, but it is not. The speed with which the Linguists pick up even misc skills means that they will soon be good at whatever they do. You can buy up language skills to ca level 15, which is easily enough to do whatever you want in the game.

Language Lad

Linguist Daniel von Schliesselmeyer

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